System of Systems

pdf DHS System of Systems Approach

Unified Communications and Interoperability requires integrating and streamlining disparate communications systems such as 911, radio, voice, video, text and email into a single technology framework. Two-way Radios, 911 Call Taking and Dispatch are becoming critical components of the overall communications framework of any business, university, local, state and federal agencies.

The ObjectTel products and solutions are designed to consolidate radio communications into the overall enterprise communications fabric enabling interoperability and unified communications at the highest level. We have created a system that addresses the limitations that exist with single point and dedicated radio dispatch systems; and extends the latest innovations in UC, SIP, IP, VOIP and TDM technologies across the enterprise to first responders, dispatchers, emergency response organizations, remote radio and telecom operators.

Managing communications across telephones, overhead paging, two-way radios, wireless devices and emergency dispatch systems requires a “system of systems.” ObjectTel redefines the boundaries of systems interoperability with its CLASSONE® solution. CLASSONE® enables an organization to handle inbound 911 calls, connect with radio dispatch, coordinate with first responders, and manage multiple callers from any type of voice-enabled device, at any time and from anywhere while maintaining the highest level of business continuity and interoperability. “A system of systems exists when a group of independently operating systems—comprised of people, technology, and organizations are connected, enabling emergency responders to effectively support day-to-day operations, planned events, or major incidents.”

pdf National Summary of Statewide Communication Interoperability