Company Overview

ObjectTel is a independent software and hardware development company with offices located in Frisco, Texas U.S.A. ObjectTel develops and implements customer-driven converged voice and data, unified communications and radio interoperability solutions. ObjectTel is a Platinum member of the Avaya DevConnect program providing communications interoperability solutions for Avaya’s small, mid and enterprise systems. Our CLASSONE® appliance software, consoles and radio gateways are carrier grade for high reliability and designed to adapt and scale for diverse applications and industries.

Delivering core applications for one of the world's largest deployments of converged voice and radio systems requires developing highly reliable and adaptable technology to provide seamless dispatch and radio-telephony integration for field operations, consolidated dispatch centers and corporate wide networking. ObjectTel employs the highest professional level of designers, engineers and project managers available to ensure we deliver our customers with the best possible products and support.

Our Focus

We focus on emergency communications and applications for the following verticals:

  • Transportations including Ground, Rail, Air and Maritime.
  • Public Safety and Higher Educations
  • Local, State and Federal Government
  • Utilities, Mining and Oil / Gas field operations

Our flagship product, CLASSONE® Dispatch, provides Voice, Radio and Data Interoperability. CLASSONE® is in 24/7/365 use in Life Critical and Mission Critical environments where carrier grade reliable Communication Interoperability is required , such as the Transportation industry, Public Safety and Federal Government Agencies. 

CLASSONE® can scale for the needs of the smallest organizations requiring one or two concurrent users to hundreds of users and thousands of telephones, radios, wireless, cellular and other voice enabled devices in a mixed Analog, TDM, IP/VoIP and SIP environments.

Our Mission                                                                      

  • Enhance your dispatch and emergency response operations
  • Consolidate your emergency response tools and streamline your operations
  • Unify your business, dispatch and emergency communications
  • Enable you to deploy remote or centralized dispatch centers over the IP/VIP networks
  • Integrate all of your radio and 911 operations
  • Assimilate all your emergency notification methods
  • Implement unique emergency responses
  • Help you maintain one system and reduce outages
  • Integrate with your Digital Signage, Public Announcements, CAD, GPS, Mapping, Geospatial Applications etc.
  • Provide business continuity during  a disaster
  • Improve your operations, reduce your cost and expedite your response