Products Overview


All-In-One Interoperable Communications

Reliable, intelligent and interoperable communications cannot be delivered by current point solutions. In today’s world, reliable and interoperable communications is required to carry mission critical information and keep our country and citizens safe. ObjectTel’s innovations enable you to unify your fixed and mobile communication channels while streamlining your business and emergency communications with an All-In-One system.

Point Solutions Do Not Integrate Into The Communications Fabrics

There are no justifications for point solutions when you can provide expanded capabilities with ObjectTel software based solutions integrated into the enterprise communications fabric. Our solution enables radio and telephone over the VOIP/SIP communications at the largest scale possible without boundaries of traditional analog or digital systems.

Dispatch With Modern Contact Center Capabilities

The call center capabilities embedded into our products provide  your dispatch operations and emergency response centers with contact center features such as skill based routing, caller and call identification, integration with Automatic Location Identifications (ALI), NENA, NG911 and  allow you to provision remote consoles over the IP network for disaster recovery, call recording and quality monitoring.

Managing The Largest Scale Of Emergencies

CLASSONE’s ability to handle large number of responders far exceeds traditional point solutions and adds the capability to effortlessly conference telephone operators, state police, first responders and federal agencies in the VOIP/SIP network regardless of radio type, frequency, channels or telephone device regardless if the system is configured for fixed or mobile command center.