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pdf CLASSONE® Dispatch Product Brochure

The CLASSONE® Software uniquely connects radio systems with modern telecom networks enabling radio calls to connect to land line telephones, mobile and wireless devices, IP/VOIP and SIP telephones and other voice enabled devices allowing all call participants to communicate on the same channel. It provides a complete and comprehensive communications interoperability platform that fully integrates into the enterprise applications, operations and business communications infrastructure. The solution enables organizations to develop new communications enabled business processes that can streamline and transform business practices. CLASSONE® seamlessly and transparently integrates operations practices with radio systems, business communications, telephone systems, paging, talkback speakers, hot-lines, hoot-and- holler and intercom making it suitable for emergency response organizations, PSAP, emergency call centers, dispatch, police, NG9-1-1, utilities and railroad applications.

What isCLASSONE ® Software?

  • Application software
  • Developed to link major radio systems
  • Enables two-way radios to seamlessly connect with telephones
  • Replaces traditional dispatch consoles with software
  • Enables the IP telephones for use in radio dispatch
  • Created for Mission Critical Operations
  • Embedded 911 public safety call handling features (ANI and ALI)
  • Uniquely designed for Disaster Recovery
  • Manages all radios, telephones, applications and consoles from anywhere
  • Enables security, authorizations and monitoring
  • allows  Two-Way Radio to function as a telephone
  • Handles radio traffic as telephone calls
  • Console application handles and manage calls

Why CLASSONE® Software?

  • Expand your use of Avaya’s infrastructure
  • Protects your investment in legacy radio
  • Provides clear path to VOIP/IP technologies
  • Support for other SIP/IP based PBXs
  • Adds mapping, mass notifications, alerts, surveillance
  • Leverage your telephony expertise to manage radios
  • Reduce impact from migration to narrow band
  • Leverage your investments in convergence
  • Creates opportunity for CEBP
  • The clear choice for any mission critical operation
  • Scales from small to enterprise wide
  • Web admin to manage all system assets
  • Turns a dispatcher to a contact center agent
  • Mobility using IP Telephony, UC, VOIP/SIP
  •  Software upgrades can be done remotely over the web

CLASSONE® Configuration Offers

The CLASSONE® offer includes either a Standard or Multi-Site Appliance Server enabling emergency response or dispatch operations to provide the best in class software and hosting hardware to ensuring customer mission critical, emergency response and dispatch operations are served with best of breed technologies and business communications capabilities.

The CLASSONE® Software provides high availability, scalability, reliability, recoverability, manageability in both standard and multi-site configurations. The CLASSONE® architecture enables users to deploy the system at a central location with disaster recovery backup in a different location. All CLASSONE® consoles can operate over the IP/VOIP network and remote locations. Local survivability options may be implemented to recover from a network outage at the central location. A central configuration reduces deployment cost across enterprise operations and enables users to implement effective disaster recovery practices.