Basic System 


The CLASSONE® Basic Radio Interoperability solution utilizes the Avaya IP Office or Avaya CM for its core communications and the CLASSONE®  IP/SIP Radio Base Station Controllers (IPRGWY).This provides full interoperability over IP/SIP trunks between radios and the telephone network at lower cost. The CLASSONE® IP/SIP Radio Gateway provides full support for inbound dialing and outbound dialing to any telephone station within either Avaya system and the public telephone network. CLASSONE® supports a number of Radio Base Stations, including but not limited to UHF/VHF and Digital radios. Any Radio Base Station can be accessed via the CLASSONE® IP/SIP Radio Gateway from any telephone station with the Avaya system or the public telephone network. This offer allows the user to patch telephones to radios regardless of the channel or frequency. Conferencing with the Radios can be accomplished by the core communication system such Avaya CM or IP Office. The ObjectTel team is working on compliance testing the IP/SIP Radio Gateway with other PBX systems that support the SIP protocol.

Product Components

The CLASSONE® Basic System Radio Interoperability offer includes the stand-alone enclosure, radio gateways, network and power connectivity as well as cables for connecting to radios. All components are housed in a single enclosure configured in various options. Customer may request unique and custom enclosure that may include the following:

  • Enclosure for mobility and quick deployment
  • CLASSONE® IP/SIP Radio Gateways
  • Radio Base Stations (ICOM, KENWOOD, Motorola, others)
  • Connectors and cables required
  • LAN/WAN Network connectivity to the  PBX
  • Optional Trunk over Satellite/WiFi connectivity
  • Power Supply for all enclosure components
  • Front and back panel for easy access and connecting antennas

Product Features

The Basic System Radio Interoperability configuration offers the following features:

  • Support for linking UHF/VHF and 700/800 MHZ Digital Radio systems to a telephone system
  • Compatible Avaya AURA Session Enablement Services, Aura Session Manager
  • Compatible with Avaya IP Office Version 5.x over the IP/SIP protocol
  • Instant access to Radio to Telephone interoperability
  • Instant user access to radio interoperability at lower cost
  • Each radio base station appears as telephone station to the PBX and can be dialed-up, originating and terminating calls, conference, hold and transfer
  • Dial-up or fixed connectivity over the IP/SIP Trunk compatible radio gateways (ROIP)
  • Inbound dialing from Radio to any telephone on the PBX or PSTN
  • Inbound dialing from Radio to any mobile device
  • Outbound dialing from any telephone to any radio gateway with Push to Talk
  • Call patching or conference of any radio to any telephones or group of telephones
  • System users can control the frequency and channel of the radio