Enterprise System


The Enterprise CLASSONE® offer includes the full features of the Standard CLASSONE® offer plus CLASSONE® Enterprise Appliance Server. The Enterprise Appliance Server offers a carrier grade reliability that is Linux based to deliver the highest levels of operational reliability appropriate for mission critical operations. The Enterprise Multi-Site Appliance Server hosts all CLASSONE® software application components within a single chassis that provides redundant power supplies, redundant interconnect modules, blade server spares and redundant cooling for maximum uptime. The system Web Administration enables system administration, management, provisioning, control, backup, recovery, security and anti-virus resiliency.

The full features of the Standard CLASSONE® offer include the following:

  • All Standard features Plus
  • HP C7000 Carrier Class for CLASSONE® Appliance Server - www.hp.com
  • SNMP Alarming and Repository
  • Transaction and Call Level Reporting
  • Multi-Site Support
  • Remote operations support
  • Server Management tools
  • Spare blades and image recovery
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Inter/intra site call routing and failover
  • IP/SIP Telephones site failover
  • Business continuity/disaster recovery
  • Web Services
  • Mobility for branch operations
  • Virtualized servers