Operator Consoles



The CLASSONE® dispatch console software (Operator Console) installs and runs on a standard Microsoft Windows based PC or thin client devices. The consoles can be configured to function with a number of standard Avaya IP, VOIP or Digital telephones that can communicate to analog and digital radios. The user can be trained to operate, configure and personalize their console setting in less than an hour. With a CLASSONE® console the dispatcher can change talk groups, frequency and channel for both Operate and Monitor telephones. CLASSONE® supports remote console operations and management. Remote and mobile consoles support VOIP and can be used for disaster recovery. They can be installed on laptops or mobile ruggedized computers with wireless access for relocation of dispatch assets during an emergency with immediate and non-disruptive transfer.

The CLASSONE® operator console hardware is based on the HP Thin Client t5000 Series, a leading server based computing solution designed to simplify deployments, add efficiency and reduce cost. Centralized management means new CLASSONE® console applications and upgrades need only be installed once. Deployment is quick and easy. Users will enjoy more desk space, not to mention the terminal's sleek looks and agile performance. The speed, flexibility and security of your network is guaranteed. The CLASSONE® operator console monitor uses the HP Compaq L2105tm 21.5-inch Widescreen LCD Touch screen Monitor. The console includes standard foot-switch, audio control unit, two head set jacks and a binaural head set for streaming audio from the monitor and to operate telephones. used for local or deployment over the IP/VOIP network or Avaya Digital telephones 46xx for consoles deployed locally.

IP Telephone Console



The CLASSONE® Dispatch supports the use of the AVAYA IP/VOIP Telephones to lower the cost of deployment for remote and virtual dispatch operations. The CLASSONE® enabled AVAYA IP telephones offer a subset of the dispatch console features that include the ability to receive radio and telephone calls, receive and initiate radio calls, PTT and access from anywhere to any Radio, Paging or Intercom within the system. Your options for low cost consoles are unlimited with CLASSONE®.

Web Based Console

The CLASSONE® Web Based dispatch consoles provide convenient way to access the CLASSONE® radio and telephony call functions over the web. These consoles may provide features for branch and remote operations over the IP/VOIP network. Avaya IP/VOIP Telephones or Soft-telephones enable the audio and call control over the IP/VOIP network offering CLASSONE® users true mobility. ObjectTel is engineering the next generation of our CLASSONE® Web console with built-in support for Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) reducing cost of deployments, cost of telephone and radio traffic and capitalizes your investments in IP backbone network.