Our Services


Delivering one of the world's largest deployments of converged voice and radio networks demands the best of breed of consultants, design engineers, project managers and technology. Developing adaptable technology that provides seamless communications for freight operations, train and trackside crews and integrating into the voice, data and radio network demands the highest level of professional services and engineering teams.

At ObjectTel, our professional services, implementation expertise and support teams in collaboration with our partners can help you:

  • Configure, Install and implement all of our products into your environment
  • Support and Maintain our products and solutions
  • Design, engineer and implement your next generation  converged radio and voice applications, NG9-1-1 and dispatch solutions
  • Implement  a wide range of contact center technologies
  • Implement Computer telephony Integration, customer relationship management, conferencing and collaboration solutions
  • Integrate database, mainframe systems, personal computers, networking, and advanced programming environments
  • Integrate and Unify your information systems and applications with your telecommunications networks over SIP/VOIP technologies
  • Adapt our solutions for your specific mandates, requirements and conditions

We work in partnership with our customers and partners to meet your system integration needs. We will assemble a team to consult, design, develop and implement your required solutions. We provide work of the highest quality with full attention to systems and product lifecycle.

Adapting Our Solutions to Our Customer Requirements

Advanced application middleware enables the CLASSONE® application to interface with Avaya Communication Manager, Conferencing, Application Enablement and Session Manager in analog or IP/SIP environments.  ObjectTel offer customers flexibility in adapting the middleware to solve customer specific problems and to accelerate implementation of these solutions. The middleware supports remote client operations and management over a web interface.

Our solution provides the glue for adding new voice, radio and mobile applications to support your operations within the rail network, contact center or within an emergency operation center. Adapting our solution can accelerate your initiatives to integrate with Avaya IPBX, geospatial applications, global positioning systems, mapping, computer aided dispatch, weather, narrow band radios, ALI/ANI service providers, contact center, call recording and self service.