Federal Government


The National Strategy for Homeland Security guides, organizes, and unifies our Nation's homeland security efforts. Homeland security is a responsibility shared across our entire Nation, and the Strategy provides a common framework for the following four goals:

  • Prevent and disrupt terrorist attacks;
  • Protect the American people, our critical infrastructure, and key resources;
  • Respond to and recover from incidents that do occur; and
  • Continue to strengthen the foundation to ensure our long-term success.

Disasters and emergency incidents are a regular occurrence for all those responsible for Public Safety whether State, Local or Federal Agencies. Many times the ability to dispatch the proper resources to the incident location can make all the difference in a life and death situation. How do you manage communications during a disaster? While you may have complete control and communication with the resources available in your jurisdiction, what about additional resources from surrounding jurisdictions? What about other state and federal resources?

Products And Solutions For Homeland Security

ObjectTel solutions support our National Strategy for Home Land Security and the safety of the public. They can be fixed or mobile and easily mounted in an SUV and quickly deployed to control field communications and dispatching of multiple resources in emergency operations. Our solutions   solve mandates and challenges that security branches of the Federal Government are facing with radio and systems interoperability. Our solutions allow you to focus on the emergency at hand not the type of device in hand. With our products and solutions you can easily do the following:

  •  Communicate with your field operations teams over multiple device types while in route to an emergency location
  • Effortlessly interoperate your field communications systems with other emergency responders (DHS, FAMS, DJS, ICE, police, Fire, EMT, other state and federal agencies, etc.) using different types of radios, mobile or telephones.
  • Act as a communications hub in disaster situations when normal communications have been lost or when new teams are engaged with different types of communication systems

Remain Mobile And Interoperable

With CLASSONE® Mobile configurations you can provide radio, telephone, satellite, wired and wireless communications with a all-in-one system that encompasses many of the following communications capabilities:

  • Back-up 911 Center.  CLASSONE® can provide remote 911 back-up for answering and dispatching emergency calls.  We have designed a portable unit for use in the field or secondary location
  • Wireless and Cell Phones with access to field radio
  • Connect to 800MHZ and VHF/UHF radio base stations/repeaters software IP dispatch and control consoles for field operations and management. Consoles may be configured for fixed or mobile deployment
  • Software controlled radio channel allocation and frequency changes
  • A multitude of telephone choices including Analog, Digital and IP telephone supporting inter and intra agency communications to central command or to field commanders
  • Ability to connect, transfer, conference and talk with radio and telephone callers
  • Ability to dynamically add channels, field commanders and responders for collaborating and monitoring the incident field of operations regardless of the radio or telephone device
  • You can enable only authorized telephone callers to participate, monitor and talk using your radio channels just like any telephones to communicate with field operators
  • Enable your radios to use speed dial to call directly an authorized telephone number without involving the commander or dispatcher
  • Deploy rules based routing for radio and telephone callers based on incoming or dialed telephone number, location, radio id and time of day allowing for intelligent routing to the appropriate agency personnel