Public Safety



pdf CLASSONE® Public Safety Features

Managing the day to day requirements for emergency communications can be challenging for Emergency Response Organizations (ERO).  Adding the additional responsibility of public safety and radio communications can be overwhelming.  The ObjectTel CLASSONE® solution can help simplify the integration and management of critical public safety radio communications for ERO.  Emergency Response Organizations can be organized in multiple tiers with various communications systems and various operators and yet communicate seamlessly.

CLASSONE ® can serve PSAP, ECC and EOC customers by integrating call taking and radio dispatch, unifying emergency communications and improving crisis response.


Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) is an agency responsible to receiving 9-1-1 calls and dispatching first responders. There are two types: (1) Primary PSAP’s receive 9-1-1 calls directly from callers and are designated by the FCC as a PSAP. Typical examples are city/county law enforcement agencies. These agencies are required to meet standards defined by the FCC & NENA. (2) Secondary PSAP’s receive 9-1-1 calls transferred from a primary PSAP.  Typical examples would be a Fire Department or EMS.  9-1-1 call is received at primary PSAP, and then transferred to secondary PSAP. 


Emergency Call Centers (ECC) are organizations that receive emergency calls from a specific group of callers.  Typically an ECC is a campus, utility, transportation or transit organization and can be public or private.  Many ECC’s require radio dispatch functionality.


Emergency Operations Centers (EOC) are specifically responsible for widespread crisis or emergency management, including multi-organization coordinated response. EOC’s do not typically receive 9-1-1 calls, however must provide access to disparate communication & radio channels.