Radio Gateway / Telephone Interface


The CLASSONE® radio base station controller provides an intelligent, reliable, hardened radio agnostic interface gateway for connectivity to all major UHF/VHF and digital radio base stations. The communication with the radio gateways and network interface equipment can either be 2-W Analog, 4W E/M, or IP/SIP over the VOIP network. When your IP/VOIP network is ready, the CLASSONE® IP/SIP base station controllers can be used to replace your legacy units.

Radio Over SIP/VOIP Networks

The ObjectTel CLASSONE® IP/SIP Radio Gateway employs the latest generation of VOIP over SIP/IP and internet routing standards, enabling remote installation, provisioning and maintenance. Features of the IP Radio Gateway include:

  • CLASSONE® system integration & SIP Extension Connectivity Support
  • Standards based SIP Extension Connectivity
  • Single or Dual concurrent registration capability / two SIP stations
  • Multiple simultaneous VoIP calls
  • Analog/PSTN connectivity
  • Local handset (six wire push to signal) and legacy field connectivity and control
  • Standards based Codecs (i.e., G.711, G.729)
  • Auto Answer inbound calls/connections
  • Support RFC-2833 for in-band / out-of-band DTMF
  • Radio PTT support via DTMF - */#
  • HTTPS based administration & firmware update capability
  • Web based audio level adjustments
  • Radio Frequency/Channel/Zone change
  • Audio content to be directly streamed as RTP to a recording server
  • Boot time outbound call AutoConnect
  • Active/Passive WAN Failover support
  • 2 LAN ports and 2 WAN ports with routing capability
  • VPN support
  • QoS for voice traffic
  • Metal enclosure, small form factor
  • Industrial Temperature specs

Radio Over Legacy Networks


The CLASSONE® TDM/4W E&M Radio Gateway (BSC/RTI) supports radios over analog and 4W circuits. This gateway combines the functions of a Base Station Controller and a Radio Telephony Interface into one unit. It supports migrations from old radio systems to CLASSONE® using the dual-circuit interface. The CLASSONE® Radio Gateway is remotely accessible and programmable. It is interconnected to the distant remote control console by any voice-grade transmission medium such as a microwave link, a leased telephone line, 4W E&M, or a POTS line. The Radio Gateway is capable of decoding  full DTMF for control of the unit. Each control line is capable of functioning in 4W E&M or SF signaling mode. A legacy 2175 decoder is also available to determine PTT. The Radio Gateway acts as a Foreign Exchange Station module with digit translation, audio conditioning, DTMF generation, and processing.

The CLASSONE® Radio Gateway provides the following features:

  • PTT & Monitor Relay
  • PTT, Monitor, COR, and Power LED indications
  • Channel selection and Frequency change
  • Tone Control
  • Hardware and software gain control
  • Local headset port for monitoring activity through the unit and transmission back to base or to radio
  • Front panel Bantam Jacks and level set ports
  • RS-232C port on front panel for configuration via Windows and CLASSONE® administration application
  • DTMF dial-through and dial regeneration modes
  • All timers can be defined via setup software
  • Transient protection has been provided near all audio inputs and outputs
  • Internal Modem interface to support remote configuration and firmware upgrades.