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Our System Servicing an Entire Railroad

Our products have been deployed at the one of the largest Class I Railroads in North America for train dispatch, rail police and intermodal dispatch operations. We have created a unique system that can scale to link thousands of radios and users over the IP/VoIP network without compromising disaster recovery. The solutions we have created provide the reliability, intelligent and interoperable communications for railroads to improve dispatch operations and expedite response to track and wayside emergencies while overcoming the inherent limitations with the current communications systems in terms of interoperability and scalability.

Railroad Interoperability

Our solutions have simplified the way the freight transportation industry communicates across thousands of miles of rail network operations with thousands of field personnel, thousands of base station radios, tens of intermodal yard operations and hundreds of dispatchers and yard masters amid a vast rail and communications network. Our innovations bring the reliable, intelligent and interoperable communication platform that are required to enable a network of dispatchers, operators, customers, field and rails and transportation security personnel to communicate seamlessly. CLASSONE® allows the railroad to interoperate its train management, radio and operational systems with its contact centers including dispatchers, customer services support, crew callers, wayside and mechanical support groups all over the IP/VOIP network.

Carrier Grade Solutions

Railroads can rely on products and solutions that provide carrier grade reliability and availability for operations, communications, safety and security. Railroads can transform their fixed dispatch and mobile field operations while communicating reliably over the Radio, IP, VOIP, SIP, Analog or the Digital network to build distributed deployments over the IP network with disaster recovery for maximum business continuity, security and interoperability. CLASSONE® unifies communications throughout business, field operations, customers and suppliers.

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360 View Of Your Rail Network Operations
Radios, Dispatchers, Security And Telecom Resources

The federal Narrow Banding mandates require all railroads to remediate their track side radio equipment. With our solutions railroads can implement a new system and migrate to Narrow Band Radios side by side with the old radio dispatch system without disrupting trackside freight operations. Railroads may choose to keep the combined solution in place for the duration of the Narrow Banding efforts to minimize disruption to their trackside dispatch operations.

Our solutions enable railroads to unlock additional value from investments in communications systems hardware, applications and network infrastructure. Our applications enable railroads to minimize migration-related risks and achieve compliance goals for the Narrow Banding efforts while maintaining compatibility with legacy circuits.

With our engineering, products and services railroads can build Disaster Recovery sites for dispatch operations to maintain business continuity during any outage. Our solutions are designed with Multi-Site Architecture support, to allow railroads to replicate the core intelligence of our solutions at remote sites over the customer’s IP/VOIP network.

Protecting Investments In Your Communications Systems

Railroads that have installed communications systems from Avaya will benefit from implementing the CLASSONE® within their network. Investment in our products and Avaya accelerate the railroads initiatives to implement unified communications and a SIP/VOIP network info structure.  It will also enable railroads to consolidate railroad yards and intermodal hubs operations along with trackside operations.

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  •  CLASSONE® provides migration of trackside radios to Tri-Mode Base Radio “Narrow Banding” without impact or disruption to radio dispatch communications, business continuity and rail operations. This solution will reduce risks associated with cutover to narrow band radios.
  • ObjectTel provides IP/SIP Radio Gateways and legacy TDM/Analog Field Interface Units. This allows railroads to maintain compatibility with legacy circuits while providing SIP/VOIP circuits wherever possible. There is no impact to the CLASSONE® functionality when migrating to SIP/VOPI from legacy interfaces.
  • ObjectTel Radio Gateways combine the functions of a Base Station Controller and and Radio Telephone Interface in one box. The base station controllers are designed with redundant network connectivity and built-in failover.
  • CLASSONE® provides compatibility with the existing radio dispatch systems while unlocking the potential to deploy converged applications using at the edge. This functionality includes the ability to access any radio from either dispatch consoles enabling business continuity during the migrations to the CLASSONE® solution.
  • The ability to deploy consoles and base station controllers within Railroad Yard operation within the same instance capitalizing on investment the IP/VOIP network.
  • Railroads can build disaster recovery across the rail network for its dispatch operations. Our products and solutions support multi-site architecture, which enables the railroad to replicate its consoles and applications anywhere on the network.
  • Investments in ObjectTel products, solutions and services will help railroads accelerate initiatives for radio narrow banding, unified communications and converged networks.

Complementing (PTC) Positive Train Control

While PTC deals with train movement exceptions, the CLASSONE® voice over radio channels is the typical communications norm for railroad and freight operations. CLASSONE® communications enabled middleware and end point devices reside side by side with PTC infrastructure.  CLASSONE® allows the dispatcher to communicate Speed Restrictions, track warrants and track conditions with trains and allows dispatchers to communicate with wayside personnel, mechanical desks, customer services, crew calling, rail police, public safety and first responders.

CLASSONE® orchestrates the interoperability between railroad personnel with telephones, radios and mobile devices anywhere on the rail network via radio gateways located on trackside, yards and intermodal hubs. The radio gateways are not exclusive to radio or for only commanding and controlling the radios. They also include advanced functionality for carrying data and intelligence to control and manage signaling end points, data radios and digitally controlled devices. Radio gateways can support carrying PTC traffic data over IP or SIP channels and route data packets across sites when necessary, thus ensuring data integrity and business continuity.

The ClassOne middleware, the Backoffice applications and radio control endpoints are critical elements to keep railroads operating during normal and exceptional conditions.   While PTC deals with exceptions the CLASSONE® deals with everything else to move the freight.

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