Utilities & Oil/Gas


Oil & Gas Operations

Managing Oil&Gas business demands that you operate a network of hundreds of oil platforms, tugboats, support ships, land bases, pipelines, pumping stations and even airports. Managing all of that across disparate communications systems can compromise your effectiveness to meet deadlines, achieve revenues and respond to emergencies. Deploying CLASSONE® in your Emergency Call Centers enables you to centralize all of your emergency communications from land base and/or sea platforms, registering all network events while collaborating with your (ERO) Emergency Response Organizations on a single platform.

CLASSONE® orchestrates the interoperability between your field support and business units over telephones, radios and mobile devices from anywhere. Our radio gateways are not exclusive to voice (ROIP/VOIP) or for only commanding and controlling the radios. They also include advanced functionality for carrying data and intelligence to control and manage digitally enabled devices, special radios, and data gathering radios. CLASSONE® and its radio gateways can support carrying commands and receiving oil well data parameters over IP/SIP and VOIP channels and routes data packets across to recovery sites when necessary, thus ensuring data integrity and business continuity. The CLASSONE® middleware, the back office applications and radio control endpoints can be adapted to service your oil operations during normal or emergency conditions.

Utilities Operations


Utilities that have installed communications systems from Avaya will benefit from implementing the CLASSONE® within their customer support, service and dispatch operations.  CLASSONE® enables utilities to consolidate the support and dispatch functions into one system. It enables their users to answer support calls and dispatch from the same application reducing support cost and optimizing dispatch and services restorations.

The call center capabilities embedded into CLASSONE® provides your dispatch operations and emergency response centers with contact center features such as skill based routing, caller and call identification, integration with CRM, ACD, (ANI/ALI) adding the ability to interoperate with other business units and emergency operations. You can also deploy the CLASSONE® IP Telephones or full dispatch consoles for remote locations over the IP network maintaining your disaster recovery, call recording and quality monitoring functions. Your customer service support and dispatch operators now can work virtual as your business grows.